Air Duct Cleaning in Jacksonville, FL

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Duct Cleaning in Jacksonville Beach, FL

If you’ve been noticing more dust around the house or worsened allergies, it may be time to have your air ducts cleaned. While it’s recommended to change your air filters regularly, professional air duct cleaning only needs to be done once every five to seven years. More effective and prolonged results from air duct cleaning can be attained by having a whole-home air cleaner installed.


Professional Duct Cleaning

Our ductwork technicians can:

  • Clean all vent covers and duct openings
  • Fully vacuum your ductwork
  • Remove all debris
  • Thoroughly clean the blower units in your AC and heat pumps
  • Sanitize your ducts with a chemical-free antibacterial spray

Benefits of air duct cleaning

Having your air ducts regularly cleaned benefits your home and your health.


By removing contaminants and debris from air ducts and following up with a chemical-free sanitizer, you can greatly eliminate the number of allergens being blown through your home and alleviate allergy and respiratory problems.


Cleaning your ducts regularly maximizes the efficiency of your air conditioning system and ensures it will maintain peak performance. Over time, debris and dust can create clutter and narrow channels in the duct that restrict airflow. By having those cleared out, you’ll save money on cooling costs.

Prevent bigger issues

Untended air ducts can lead to uninvited guests who build homes in them or use them as easy access to your house. By getting your ducts cleaned on a regular basis, you can help prevent these disasters altogether.

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