Could a Better Thermostat Improve Your Air Conditioner’s Performance?

October 04, 2023

Could a Better Thermostat Improve Your Air Conditioner’s Performance?

Your air conditioner relies on prompting from a thermostat to know when to cool your home and when to shut off for energy conservation. Thus, an accurate and easy-to-use thermostat is the key to getting the best possible performance from your cooling system. Modern thermostats are available in a variety of models with features that are specifically designed to help you maximize home comfort and minimize your monthly heating and cooling bills. If you have questions about your current thermostat and whether it’s really the best choice for your cooling needs, your Florida Home AC technician has the answers you need about thermostats and air conditioning systems.

Digital Readings

Analog thermostats were once the best technology your HVAC expert had to offer. However, digital thermostats are now becoming the norm for many reasons. Analog thermostats typically display the temperature using a mechanical slider, which can be difficult to read, especially at a glance. Similarly, the dial or lever you use to adjust your home’s temperature can be hard to position accurately. Both of these factors combine to cause difficulty when reading or setting the temperature accurately, which can lead to frustration and higher energy bills when you inadvertently set your thermostat to cool your home to a lower temperature than necessary. Digital displays take all the guesswork out of setting a temperature for your cooling system to maintain, making it much easier to enjoy both home comfort and lower energy bills.

Programmable Functions

Programmable thermostats offer you an additional way to save money and improve your air conditioner’s performance. By allowing you to create and set programs, these thermostats make it simple to cool your home only when you need it while reducing the load on your air conditioner when you are away. Creating programs lets you save time and prevents you from accidentally forgetting to change your thermostat daily for improved convenience and consistent temperature regulation for the greatest energy savings and HVAC system longevity.

Learning Programs

New “learning” thermostats take the programmable thermostat one step further. These devices include compiles learning algorithms that note every change you make to your thermostat and, over time, develops a cooling program for your home based on your typical daily activities. These thermostats can help you cool your home even more efficiently by continually monitoring the temperature and your activity level and adjusting the temperature automatically, so you don’t have to put any thought into maintaining the environment you want in your home at the lowest possible energy cost.

WiFi Technology

WiFi-enabled thermostats allow you to access your air conditioner even when you can’t access your thermostat. By connecting with your home’s wireless router, internet connectivity means you can monitor and change the temperature or cooling program in your home via any connected computer or web-enabled mobile device at any time. You can instantly turn the temperature up and down to accommodate changes in your own plans or the weather to ensure your home is always comfortable without using unnecessary energy when you won’t be present.

Are you ready to discover how the right thermostat can improve your comfort at home by prompting your air conditioner to cool more efficiently? We offer a variety of thermostat options so you can select the product that’s right for you—take a look at our website to browse through our products and services, or click on our blog for even more information on the latest cooling technology and what it can do for your home.

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