Home Factors That Affect Florida Home A/C Performance

October 04, 2023

Home Factors That Affect Florida Home A/C Performance

The condition of your air conditioner plays a large part in its performance. However, even an A/C system that is in great shape can suffer in efficiency without the right home environment for effective cooling. There are several home factors that affect your air conditioner’s ability to cool your living spaces, including the condition of your home’s roof and exterior, the humidity levels inside your home, and even the state of your home’s internal ductwork. Understanding how all of these factors work together to impact A/C performance is a valuable step toward enjoying lower-cost cooling all year long.

Air Leaks and Poor Insulation

Your home’s exterior should create an environmental envelope that keeps outdoor air outside and indoor air inside. However, damage to your roof or siding, poorly-sealed ducts and pipes, and cracks around doors and windows can all allow air exchange that affects the temperature and humidity of your indoor air. When outdoor air conditions are allowed inside, they effectively undo the work performed by your air conditioner in cooling your home, requiring your HVAC system to work harder and longer to offset these changes and return your living spaces to your desired temperature. Poorly-performing insulation also has the same effect, allowing heat to transfer between the outdoor air and your home’s interior spaces, raising the temperature inside and requiring much more work from your air conditioner to achieve the same level of cooling. Addressing damage, improving poorly-sealed exterior access points, and increasing insulation where necessary can all help your air conditioner to perform more efficiently.

Duct Leaks and Blockages

Even if your home’s exterior envelope is tightly sealed against heat transfer, the state of your home’s ductwork also plays a role in the efficiency of your air conditioner. Ducts are designed as pathways that transport cooled air from your air conditioner to your living spaces, which are often located some distance away. When these pathways are leaky or blocked by dirt and dust, cooled air either escapes before reaching your registers or is not effectively pushed through the ducts, which results in poor cooling performance and higher A/C bills. Ductwork that is laid out in an overly complicated fashion may also fail to transport cooled air effectively throughout your home, also lowering your air conditioner’s cooling capacity. Because your ducts are difficult to see, it’s important to have a professional HVAC service evaluate your ductwork for leaks and other issues. Duct sealing and cleaning are simple solutions that can have a drastic positive impact on the overall performance of your air conditioner and the comfort inside your home.

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Last Updated: October 17, 2023