Options to Consider When You Need New HVAC Installation

October 04, 2023

Options to Consider When You Need New HVAC Installation

A struggling HVAC system can be a source of major frustration, from fighting with your thermostat to enduring high energy bills and frequent repair calls. New HVAC installation can eliminate these issues and more with heating and cooling equipment that is perfectly matched to your home and your needs. If you’re considering complete HVAC replacement in the near future for your Bostwick home, there are several factors worth considering to ensure you make the purchase that will provide the best return on your investment.

HVAC Zoning

Central heating and air conditioning utilize a series of ducts to deliver conditioned air to each room in your home. A traditional central air system sends air from your HVAC system to every room in your home simultaneously, regardless of whether you are using each space or not. While closing your air registers can help to funnel more air to the spaces you are using and prevent heating and cooling in little-used rooms, shutting too many air registers at once can have a negative effect. HVAC zoning can increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling appliances by allowing you to easily and effectively choose the areas of your home that you want to heat and cool without compromising HVAC performance. In a zoned system, mechanical dampers are used to open or close areas of ductwork so you can opt to condition only one area of your home or many areas at once, depending on your needs; each zone is controlled via a separate thermostat for easy access. In some cases, a zoned HVAC system can even allow everyone in your family to enjoy their ideal home environment without unnecessarily large energy bills. While HVAC zoning can be added at any time, it is often easiest to install during a new HVAC installation.

Heat Pump Systems

In warmer climates, cooling is a major concern for most of the year, while heating is often a more minor requirement. Thus, Florida homeowners can save money and improve convenience in several ways by considering replacing their traditional furnace and air conditioner with a heat pump when it’s time for new HVAC installation. A heat pump is a single appliance that can handle both your home’s heating and cooling needs. This reduces the need to purchase, install, and maintain two separate appliances, while also reducing your heating and cooling bills because of the greater efficiency afforded by this type of HVAC system. Heat pumps are available as central forced air units or as ductless mini-split systems, so you aren’t limited to choosing a heat pump based on your existing HVAC configuration, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of this energy-efficient HVAC option in any home.

Our experienced team is pleased to offer Bostwick, FL, HVAC installation solutions that include furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, swamp coolers, and thermostats. Together with your home comfort expert, you’ll explore all the latest options to custom-design the heating and cooling system that is best for your home. Once your new system is in place, we’ll work with you to keep it functioning efficiently for years to come with convenient and cost-effective HVAC maintenance and repair services. You can find out more about our complete HVAC services near Bostwick on our website, or delve into greater detail about the latest heating and cooling options on our blog.

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Last Updated: October 17, 2023