Tips on Air Conditioner Use During the Winter

October 04, 2023

Tips on Air Conditioner Use During the Winter

Although Jacksonville winters are mild, you may still find yourself turning on your air conditioning at times throughout the winter season for comfort. Because your air conditioner may not get as much attention during the winter months, there are a few simple tips you can follow to continue to enjoy superior efficiency and comfort during this time of year. Following up on your cooling system's maintenance and repair needs with your Jacksonville air conditioning technician is still the best way to get the most from this important piece of home equipment.

Check and Change the Air Filter

During the summer, it's easy to remember that you must change your air conditioner's filter regularly for proper airflow and healthy air. However, during the winter, this simple task can be easy to forget if you're only using your air conditioner intermittently. Nonetheless, the air filter and its quality continue to play a significant role in the performance of your air conditioner and the comfort of your home, especially if the weather turns cool and you find yourself requiring heating instead of air conditioning. Air filters should be changed every one to two months if you are using your HVAC system regularly; if you are only using your air conditioning periodically, you may be able to push this timeframe back to three or four months between changes. If you aren't sure how often you should be changing your air filter, talk to your HVAC service expert for personalized advice based on your usage.

Change Your Thermostat Settings

Programmable thermostats are an excellent way to enjoy consistent home comfort and energy savings without the need for constant effort on your part. However, it's important to remember that you'll need to change your thermostat's program during the winter to reduce home cooling when it is not needed so you can continue to enjoy the same energy savings. In some cases, it's easiest to switch your programmable thermostat to manual mode during the winter, allowing you to make periodic adjustments to your home's temperature based on the weather conditions. If warm weather is expected for more than a few days at a time, taking a few moments to create a new program based on your schedule and your preferred home temperature will make cooling your home when it is necessary much more convenient.

Avoid Big Temperature Changes

During mild winter days and nights, it's often pleasant enough to open your windows for added ventilation and comfort. This is an excellent strategy when the weather is consistently mild, but during cool nights and warm days, the temperature changes your home experiences when you open the windows can make your air conditioner work much harder when it is needed to reach your desired setpoint during the day. If the days are warm and the nights are cool, consider simply turning your air conditioner off or using ceiling fans at night, rather than opening your windows for cooling. This will help your home maintain a more consistent temperature, which will improve your overall comfort and allow you to reduce the amount of work your air conditioner must do to cool your home when it is active.

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Last Updated: October 17, 2023